Sunday, August 19, 2007

Been busy

Well the last couple of weeks have been busy exercising. Last week I started going back to school to get my room ready (early). Tomorrow I will go back "officially" for the workshops.

I have been exercising like I have wanted to but again my eating habits have not been the best. I think that this is what keeps me from getting under 180 but once school starts this may change when I get into my regular schedule.

My money goals have really sucked and I will be stretched very thin this month. I know this will make me stressed out worrying about making the money stretch far enough. I have no one to blame but myself and I am making a strong effort the next couple of months to tighten up the spending. Most of it was spent on books, movies, and eating out because I was so bored. I am also going to look into getting a part time job on the weekends. I have been saying this all summer but I have yet to do it. Sigh.

talk to ya later!


lorigaud said...

Good luck getting back into the school routine Tina! I start next week with teacher days, but I really need to get in there this week and get some work done in my room! Sounds like you're doing great with the exercise... and I think you're right about eating improving once school starts again. It's hard to snack when you've got a room full of students watching you LOL!

Angela Green said...

Hi Tina! I'm so proud of you for continuing the exercise. My eating has been "ok" this summer but my exercise time has been limited. Just busy with the kids and running, running, running. :) I want to get back on track though. I hope you are able to get back on track too!