Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Late Night

My room is now a cooler YES! However whenever I step outside I kind of feel like I am in the desert LOL and want to go back inside. Most of stuff in room, not put away but it is in the room so less moving to do on Friday. We kind of all have each other's books due to the constant switching about who was in third and what room was which. Just need to do paperwork and first day stuff.

I feel like a I am not going to be ready for Monday but I keep telling myself that it will all work out and things could be alot worse than they are (like Vince who has to do textbooks for Kelly who is out with baby, on top of getting moved to new room and set up). A lot of talk about STAAR today and I must say everyone is a little stressed about the changes. However some stress is good to get people out of ruts and some good discussion went on.

Due to all of the moving I have some big bruises on arms and look like I had a fight LOL but it was only bookshelves, boxes, doors, and tables. My feet have been swollen the last 2 nights and very dirty due to the moving stuff around and going back and forth in the courtyard.


Monday, August 15, 2011

First day back!

WOOOHOOOO!! I was able to get in my room today after meeting with my team. I stayed until about 6pm and then almost got locked outside of school, I couldn't get in the building to go to my car LOL. Luckily Myrna was in building with her daughter still and she let me in.

I got my desks and bookcases out and put where they should be or near to it with stuff still in corner that doesn't belong to me. My room in the portable is A LOT bigger than my tiny room last year and while I don't like being in a portable this is a bonus along with being able to put room as hot/cold as I want. It took me a little bit to figure out the air condition and was running it on one until I went and looked at the second one again and fiddled with it. DUH!!! I hadn't moved it enough to turn in on. So tomorrow hopefully it will be cooler.

Meeting with my team was a little rocky due to I think my fault in not approaching what I was saying the right way. Hopefully we/I can get beyond that and have a great year. I sometimes say something without realizing how it sounds so I am working on that this year. I do think that everyone has some good ideas and I know were are going to do our best to have our students do well on the new STAAR test even though we don't know what it will look like :0)

Hopefully will feel tired in the next 30 minutes so I can go to sleep! Later!!!

Friday, August 12, 2011


ok I am getting my hair done. Which Hairstyle do you like the most?

style 1: color and style         style 2 color and style         style 3 color and style

Style 4 color and style                   Style 5 only style         style 6 color and style

Style 7 color and style (lol)     style 8 color and style        style 9 color and style

This is Lady Gaga Hairstyle don't I look cute?

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Cowboys and Aliens

Cowboys and Aliens (2011)

Loved the movie! Daniel Craig is so hot and you get to see his abs all through the movie too hehe. The story was pretty good and there was a twist with the girl that I kind of saw coming but that is usual for me. There were a lot of funny scenes particularly in beginnnig. While they took the western idea pretty serious they also poked fun at some of it too which I liked. Good to see Harrison Ford back but not his best work. I did think the end was a little over the top (I mean come on they were huge powerful creatures against bow and arrows and a few guns?) but still entertaining.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ok New Resolution to blog!

Well I have not blogged personally in a long time and when my Dad said "Hey you haven't blogged in awhile" I was surprised someone was actually reading my blog lol. So I am planning on revamping blog design and adding links to my book blogs and school blog. Hopefully i won't get behind.

I am in a new grade this year 3rd grade and I am a little nervous because I get so stressed over the TAKS now the STARR test. I am going to take each day one at a time hopefully I can work with my new team and students this year with less stress. LOL I will probably look back at this and say what was I thinking? I have lots of ideas I want to do in my class so check mys school blog to find out what.

I have decided to do the Week in the Life scrap challenge with Ali so be on the look out for these posts. I am thinking also that maybe to redo it the first week of school hehe to see a glimpse of what a teacher goes through the first week.