Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Last week

Well I continued the 2 workouts a day trend and exercised off over 3300 calories!!! However I had several days of bad eating so I kind of sabotaged myself LOL. I did my Monday weigh in at 188 which is up 3 calories but I weighed in today at 182.5 so I am going to say the lower amount is more accurate due to the bad eating on Friday and Saturday.

I must say I like going to the gym to exercise better than going to the apartment gym. I get to see other people and I get to watch my own tv w/o other people's music disrupting me. It's cool that the elipticals and treads have their own tv's attached with cable. Yesterday I watched Underworld while walking. TOO COOL!!

I found a new website having to do with healthy eating with tons of cool stuff to learn and an email weekly. It is called Hungry Girl. Check it out for some cool stuff!

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Angela Green said...

Tina, it sounds like you're dong so great! I'm so proud of you. I on the other hand... not so good. But I'm determined to pick it back up and go forward from here. Going back and dwelling on the negative won't help me, will it? Hope I catch you online one of these days soon! Miss you! :)