Sunday, July 01, 2007


I can feel the end of the BL challenge weighing on me. The last 2 days I have eaten horrible LOL. One day is fine since I have a day off but the other one was just like off the scale munching. Since I have been back on my meds I have noticed a slow increase in weight and cravings. It could be due to my TOM coming soon. I hope it is the second. I also have been kind of slack in the exercise department this week. Last week I exercised in the morning and afternoon 3 times and this week I didn't exercise twice at all. So the exercise amount may not be enough and that is why I lost so much last week.

Right now I weighed in this morning at 191 which is a gain of 3.5 pounds since last week. I was hoping to maintain at least for the last weigh in but doesn't look like it.

Since my goal is to be positive I am going to keep trying to improve and begin again the rest of the day and tomorrow.

~see ya

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