Thursday, June 28, 2007


Well I finally worked out my medication situation but it is still effecting (or affecting? I always get confused.) me. My goal was to exercise 2 times a day 5 days a week. For this week I have barely been able to do the 1 exercise a day. It is pretty light going too. I feel good that I was able to just get up and get going rather than just sit on the couch.

My favorite tv reality show is going on right now: So You thing you can dance! My one wish is that I could learn to ballroom dance or modern dance. They have classes you can take through the district but they require a partner. Sigh. Maybe if I get a boyfriend I could drag him to this??

Anyway back to SYTYCD. My favorite dancer was kicked off the show (BIG controversy on the SYTYCD boards.) due to Cedric. Well last week they kicked off another contemporary dancer that was superb, Jimmy, for again Cedric. What the real kicker was that after him and his partner Faina danced for their life (and Jimmy's partner Shawna too) they kicked Faina off and kept Cedric!!!! This was a problem because it was a superb performance by Faina but it was Cedric who put them in the bottom causing them to DFTL. Then the stupid Nigel said he would take a chance on Cedric and hope not to regret it!!! Well last night he said he thinks he made a mistake. YA THINK!!!!! Now Shawna will be pulled down again due to being paired with Cedric. Arg!

My favorite pair right now is Dominic (D-trix) and Sabra with Jesse and Jaime behind them. A far third would be Danny and Anya. I am not liking Lacey and Cameron but they dance good but no fire for me. So I would put them in 4th.

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lorigaud said...

Glad you're getting the medication worked out! Geez... exercising just once a day is all I can handle LOL!