Sunday, July 15, 2007


Well I recently went to see Transformers and BOY it was great!!! If you haven't seen it yet I would strongely recommend it even though there is some highly suggestive stuff for the younger crowd. I can't believe that they did this to a movie that is geared to kids.

Some other movies I rented:

Shooter-(Mark Walhburg) LOVED it. I am an action movie nut and he is just sooo cute!
Black Snake Moan- Hmmm not sure if I liked it. It was really STRANGE. Kind of a redemption type movie. Christina Ricci is a major slut but by the end you understand why and see how such different people can help each other. Justin Timberlake was WHOA in this movie. First scene is of him and Ricci going at it and boy it was smoking hot! He plays a really out of character person to me.

Sweet Land- This movie I really liked but most people I think will think it was boring and their is not naked parts for a romance. This was a movie based on a short story (which I put on my tbr list). It is an historical piece and the romance is very slow but I liked it because it seemed to go with the time period and the two people who where falling in love. I just wished they showed more of the romance because there really was a spark between the two main characters.

Well that's it for now!

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