Sunday, July 15, 2007

Disappointing Week

Well it has been my TOM and I really blew it food and exercise wise. First time since January that I haven't exercised for 5 days. I also went out to eat too much this week which i attribut to my TOM since I get a lot of cravings during this time. However I am proud of myself for not eating like I use to for the cravings. I did splurge but it was with healthier foods and then I stopped when I was full.

I have been doing the eliptical and treadmill at the gym at apartment/Spectrum. I must say I am really liking it to be able to get in and out quickly while being able to relax and listen to my music. I have found I like the eliptical better than the treadmill for my feet and for calorie burning.

I have bought the biggest loser book and am going to try and do the cardio/strength training they suggest. It is a 12 week program so I kind of am my own little challenge LOL.

I plan to go see Harry Potter tonight with my nephew who is celebrating his birthday. I will comment on whether I like it or not.

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