Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Well I have been working out like crazy this past week. I burned at total of 3000+ calories for the week! I did 2 workouts a day like I had planned and I even attended some kickboxing classes at the gym and burned about 600 calories at each! I guess I need to work harder when I do it at home. LOL. My weight this week is 185.5 and I am sooooo excited!!!!

I had to attend a funeral for a custodian that passed away last week. I was so sorry to hear he had lost his fight against cancer. While there I did get a couple of complements from several coworkers about how thin I looked. I was so proud of myself and told them I would hopefully lose more by the time we started up at the end of August.

I also saw the latest Harry Potter movie. I liked it but not as much as the Goblet of Fire. I really liked how Rowling really started giving Harry some really depth and he seemed like a real teenager. I also got the scoop on the last book from a coworker who is a Harry Potter addict and read every book unlike me who stopped on the third and just watches the movies LOL. From what she told me it really sounded like Rowling wrapped everything up pretty good and left herself some room to start a new series if she wanted.

Well that's it for now!


Shelly said...

Sounds like you are doing well!

I am with you on the HP movie, it was good, but Goblet of Fire was by far my favorite too!

Have a great week!

lorigaud said...

Wow Tina... good for you! I don't think I could manage 2 workouts in a day! One is more than enough! :)

gmstep said...

That's great Tina! WTG! I can't believe that you did 2 workouts/day!! I'm always happy when I do my 1 workout! I got 2 new workouts - Yoga Booty Ballet DVDs (at Target) and Yourself Fitness (for Playstation 2). I've done 4 YF workouts since Wednesday. It's cool - it's a virtual personal trainer! I also bought an exercise ball - I'm not too good on that yet. I've lost 2 more pds since TBLDC (but I did gain 1 of them back this week--PMS?). Glad to see you're doing great!