Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Busy weekend

Ok I again have had some slip ups this week. Not bad but I have to buckle down on the eating. I always have severe cravings around that time of the month and boy I am not showing much willpower.

I was suppose to start the Beck diet thingy Monday but.....I procrastinated and didn't do it. I will start tomorrow and stick with it. I did read the first chapters leading up to the start and the first 3 days. It did say I can go slower but I think this is giving myself an excuse to procrastinate which I am veeerrryyy good at. I was also suppose to start the Ab challenge but put it off. I felt yucky on Monday and had to go to the doctor for a check up for my meds. I had planned on getting up at 8:00 am to exercise but forgot they closed the apartment gym to remodel for Monday and Tuesday. My plan is to do treadmill/eliptical in morning and DVD in afternoon.

Hmmm I keep saying that but again no go. I have been exercising but not to what I want. I also had some issues with numb feet which only started up again since the treadmill/eliptical. I talked w/the Doc about this and some other things I have been putting off (colonostophy) due to fear of what I am not exactly sure but I have to do this to make sure I don't get the colon cancer my mom and brother both had.

Anyway back to what Doc said. She said that it could be water retention but thinks it is only that I am not stretching enough. I agree with her since I don't have this problem doing Turbo Jam or other exercise DVD's (except the Leslie Sansone walking ones). When I do the Leslie ones I am standing in place alot as I am on the treadmill and eliptical so I think the repeated pressure on my feet without the moving around is bothering them too. The Doc said that the muscles in my quads are too tight and even though higher than my feet that is were I would feel it the most. Sounds good to me. Stretch more easy solution if I can follow it which I think I can.

I am really missing the Biggest Loser Challenge and the daily repoire (sp?) I had with some of my team mates/competitors. I don't want to continue that regime but I still need that checking in with someone to make sure there is some one there who is working with me. I am going to keep at it on my own and not be too upset and think positive (my motto this year). I know I can do this and it may take me longer but I am at least doing more than I was a year ago and maybe even 6 months ago.

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lorigaud said...

My feet always get numb when I do the elliptical too, Tina... and Kat told me that the same thing happens to her!