Monday, June 25, 2007

Weight Loss Success

Ok I haven't updated in a while LOL. I will from now on since my Biggest Loser Digistyle Challenge is ending. I hope to use this blog more often to keep myself accountable since I won't have my team with me!

I plan to post pics of my progress as well. I have added a lot of links to my fav blogs I read. Most are scrapbook related but as the year progresses I hope to add other blogs or links for teaching.

Weight Loss:

Well after about 2 years of being over 200 lbs I made it below that about 3 months ago. I am know at 187lbs!!! The lowest I have been since I think college. I am so excited that I am getting close to my 2nd goal weight of 180 lbs. My 3rd goal weight is 175. From there I will decide what my next goal will be.

Here are some links of places I have used to help me lose weight.

Spark People
Beachbody/Turbo Jam Boards
3 Fat Chicks
and of course
Biggest Loser Digistyle which you can't view so I won't put up the link


lorigaud said...

Hey Tina.. you KNOW we are going to keep in touch for sure! You've done a great job so far, and I can't wait to see you reach your goals!!

Angela Green said...

TBL digi style ... of course! Wish you were staying! :)