Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ok New Resolution to blog!

Well I have not blogged personally in a long time and when my Dad said "Hey you haven't blogged in awhile" I was surprised someone was actually reading my blog lol. So I am planning on revamping blog design and adding links to my book blogs and school blog. Hopefully i won't get behind.

I am in a new grade this year 3rd grade and I am a little nervous because I get so stressed over the TAKS now the STARR test. I am going to take each day one at a time hopefully I can work with my new team and students this year with less stress. LOL I will probably look back at this and say what was I thinking? I have lots of ideas I want to do in my class so check mys school blog to find out what.

I have decided to do the Week in the Life scrap challenge with Ali so be on the look out for these posts. I am thinking also that maybe to redo it the first week of school hehe to see a glimpse of what a teacher goes through the first week.

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