Sunday, January 11, 2009

Busy Week

Well I am feeling much better. I have yet to call Dr about my meds :( but since I am so broke I probably couldn't have afforded it any way. The week seemed really long for me. I started out with talk to my kids about things I want to do differently in the class. They seemed to like the ideas that I talked about. We started the Project 365 and I started the blog for it.

They were really excited about getting to take pictures for the day! The first couple of students did a pretty good job. I didn't have a chance to have them write any comments since I was still fiddling with the blog.

I was not able to exercise this week due to Family Night on Wednesday and planning for it on Tuesday (yes procastination!). Thursday night the team went out for Martha's bday and I felt just awful not being able to get the card or gift yet. I told her I would get it this week and we would go out to dinner some night. I always have such good intentions but my poor memory combined with my procrastination and finaces always seem to make this kind of thing happen. Sigh. I did exercise on Saturday with Martha and Barbara. I somehow managed to get up early and get there only 10 minutes after they arrived LOL. I thought it would be harder to get back to exercising but it wasn't that hard that day. I do ache a little in my abs since I did some crunchs on the ball. I plan to exercise Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday this week. Will check back to see the outcome.

My personal Project 365 had a slight bump. My camera doesn't have a charger (long story) so I am going to have to use the camera at the school for right now to take pictures. So there will be a delay in posting them. I think I will try a weekly post rather than a daily one. Look for that later today.

~see ya

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