Saturday, January 03, 2009

2 more days!

Well I am still sick after being off for about 2 weeks. The first week was fine then went to Dad's and he was sick. Well the next day I too started to feel sick. I am feeling much better but still stuffy and clogged.

I am getting anxious about the first day back after my holiday. I want to start out on a positive note and try to reconnect to my students. I just haven't felt like I have connected with them this year like I have in previous years. It may be due to my unhappiness with where my life/job is right now. I really want to do something new rather than stay in 3rd grade again. On one hand I LOVE my team but I am tired of TAKS and not being able to teach more and not worry about whether I am covering everything before the test and stressing if they will do well. Also I won't be moved to 2nd grade due to Principal and even if I am moved Barbara has been asking forever to move and hasn't been. So I would feel extremely bad if I was moved and she wasn't. Which leaves me to moving to new school. I have thought even about moving to new district or applying for oversees schools. With my personality I am not sure if it would be a good idea but I need a change.

I talked with the DR about changing my meds because I felt that maybe that may be why I have been so high strung or getting angry so quickly. Well I lost the prescription and have been taking my Lexapro at 1/2 dose. I must say I don't feel as stressed however I am not at work. Wondering if I am taking too much? My worst time is around Aunt Flo time so will see what happens.

Money is extremely tight due to Christmas. I am having to stretch my money and not pay something so I can get groceries. I have only myself to blame so there is nothing to do about it other than make sure it doesn't happen again. I have put a hold on the Dave Ramsey book to see if this is something I can do to help with my debt and reducing it. I do know that most of my money is being wasted on eating out and buying books. I have tried to not eat out unless necessary and cut my book buying to little to none. I have been checking books out from the library so I have something to read. However the types of books I read are not found at the library (ok some are but the majority are not).

My goals for the coming MONTH:

1. I am making cards to carry at school to help me be more positive toward the students and keep my temper under control. Hopefully me seeing these cards will help me be more patient, calm, and under control of my emotions.

2. No eating out more than 1 time a week. (Seeing that I have no money until Amex flips over this shouldn't be a problem.)

3. Only buy 3 books a month (which is about $24) or $25 budget for books ( again no money until Amex flips over. Also I got $20 gift card from Student so free this month)

4. Exercise at least 3 times a week for 45 minutes.

~see ya!

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Lori said...

Hope you're feeling better and that the first days back to school went well.... I hear you on the needing a change part, that's for sure. I was moved from social studies/science to just social studies about 5 years ago and still miss teaching science (that was my major). Basically I'm just waiting for someone to retire so that I can get back to science again... *sigh*
Good goals for the month... my budget is about nil too, so I can relate to not being able to go out to eat or buy much.

Take care Tina! :)