Monday, June 26, 2006

Books and Movies

Well I haven't read much lately.

I just finished Twilight by Stephanie Myers which is a teen book. It is about...wait...vampires LOL. Very different take on the vampire though and they don't even bite or kill in this book. Basically a misunderstood teen angsty book. She meets this family of vamps who go to her new school and she falls in love with Edward the one not paired up. There will be another by this author soon and I don't know if it will be a sequel. I think it will due to the ending.

I am currently listening to Lyrael by Garth Nix which is the sequel to Sabrial. I listened to that one too and LOVED IT!!! It was read and Lyrael is read by Tim Curry. Not alot of romance but the action is great and he really knows how to give cliff hangers at the end of each chapter. Lyrael I am having a harder time following because it jumps between two stories, Lyreal and Prince Sam. However it is just as good and action packed. Plus you get to see some more of Sabrial and Touchstone.

I finally was able to pick up the sequel to the Last Dragonlord, The Dragon and the Phoenix by Joanne Bertin. I have read oh about a fifth of it. It is very long and the words are small so it will take me awhile.

I went to see Cars and Click with my nephew Sage. I LOVED Cars! It was reeeaaaalllly long for a cartoon movie though. The story had a message and the characters where great. Click I didn't like at all. I thought it was just slapped together and the jokes where not funny or were juvenile. Like the same joke about the dog doing the stuffed animal which appeared at least 5 times in the movie. ENOUGH ALREADY!!!! It was funny the first time (a little) but after that, no way.

Well I have a ton of other books I need to read so I will update my list.
~see ya

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