Saturday, March 25, 2006

An Update?!?!

Well been really busy. TAKS reading is mostly over. My kids did outstanding!!! WOW! and our school's 3rd grade scores were way high with 50% making commended.Still doing Reading with Meaning and continue to see improvements with my students even the low ones now. I really like the discussions that go on between partners and since my students LOVE to talk this really makes them work too.

Books finished:

Dark Lover by JR Ward, a vampire romance (series) was great. I really like the writing.

A Touch of Evil by Ct Adams and Cathy Clamp. Was very good. A unique twist on Vampires being a disease and are like bees with a queen. Loved the heroine was alot like Anita Blake in the early books before all the kinkyness (not that I don't mind that but it just ruined the story for me).

Willing by Lucy Munroe. Love this writer. This series is on secret agents that are on a team (Alpha Males alert!) The first was better (Ready) can't wait for the third one.

Kitty and the Midnight Hour by Carrie Vaughn. I kept picking this one up in the store and FINALLY bought it. It was unuasal. It was pretty good I will keep an eye on this author. Another vampire/paranormal romance. LOL. can you see a trend?

The Last Dragonlord by Joanne Bertin. LOVED THIS!!! I have loved dragons since reading Anne McCafferty's Pern books and this reminded me alot of those early books. I fell in love with the hero and the story is very character driven. A big book and it is a series. I have read that the sequel The Dragon and the Phoenix is not as good but I really want to see how these characters progress. The third one should be out soon.

Moon Called by Patricia Briggs. I have another by her Dragon Bones that I have yet to read but picked this up due to all the buzz on my email group. I was not disappointed. Another take on the familiar vampire/werewolf/other romance but the character was very well done. I can't wait for more!

Thousand Words for a Stranger by Julie Czanerda. WOW! I have wanted to read some of her stories for awhile and finally got it from and was very surprised. The beginning was a little slow but it picked up and ended good. Very complex story.

Currently Reading:
Archangel Protocol by Lyda Morehouse so far pretty good. Very complex story. I have had few stories that I had a hard time understand (like my students) so I have to really pay attention. It is a techie book about the future and everyone is LINKED to the computer through biological connections in there heads. Well the world is run by the churches! Interesting world so far. The girl is a ex cop whose partner killed the pope and she helped put him away and she became a pariah and celeb over it. Any way the LINK has had angels show up and say the second coming has arrived but there is a lot of political manuveuring. The cop has a real angel (at least that what he says he is) come to her and relink her to the computer so she can help him with something.

talk to ya later!

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