Saturday, July 09, 2005

Site Update!

Whew! Spent a while fixing the site to have some links and info about me! Some comments about what I am reading:

Dreams Made Flesh: Love the Jewels Trilogy and this was an OUTSTANDING followup. In particular loved the story on Lucian and the wrap up to Janelle's story. Sigh, I can only hope she does some more!

Maximum Ride: Well I have never read anything by this author before but he is real big on thrillers or mysteries and not on children's/teen books. I didn't know this when I had bought it and I LOVE the cover which I kept picking up in the bookstores. The story had a few holes in it but over all a good book. I wouldn't have bought it in hardback though, should have waited! Also checked out Amazon comments and many said a repeat of previous book he had written. Not sure if I should check it out.

Beyond the Pale: A lot of vampire romances lately. This one was more of an action thriller than romance which is fine but found in the romance section of bookstore. Loved the unique twist on Vampires will have to see if future books are good. I liked the book. It wasn't outstanding but I liked it.

The others I am still reading! I read a LOT of books and this is where most of my money goes no joke! Now that I have a new car no money for books! I probably could read 5 books a week if I found interesting books to read. However I am very finicky and I have bought books I haven't even cracked open *GASP*! Well now's the time to bust the books out!

Talk to ya later~

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