Thursday, July 21, 2005

Back from Alaska!

Well after for loooong days I have returned from Alaska. Boy it was stunning! Of course I will be adding pics of the glaciers, and animals I saw while there. Yes we saw animals! We almost gave up hope that we wouldn't see a moose but when we went up to see Flat Top Mountain on the way back we saw a moose on the side of the road. Let me tell you it was scary having to drive up the mountain to see Flat Top because you were on the edge of the road and could see the long way down. But it was worth it to see the quiet, still park that you can go to if you want to hike up the mountain. Where we were at we could see the trail as it zig zagged up the mountain and it looked extremely steep. Not something that we wanted to do LOL. So we looked around took pics and left.

Another animal we saw was king salmon in Ship Creek. I have read about how salmon swim up stream to spawn but boy when you see it, it is just awe inspiring! These fish are about the length of a dog and just sit by the dam to jump up when they are able to. There seemed to be thousands of them just swimming there (of course I exaggerated but it WAS a lot). On the other side of the dam when they get to the top you could see them just sitting there resting.

We used to live in AK so we had a friend Bill, show us around what has changed since we had left. I still remembered alot of the area with some changes. It still is a breath taking place.

See Ya!

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