Saturday, March 28, 2009


Ok well everything is going ok for me. I have started new meds which makes me feel like I am walking around in a fog. I am not sure I can keep going like this. I stopped the Zyrtec and that help about 75% with the feeling of fatigue but it is still there. I need to go to Doctor for a follow up on the tests done when last went to get the meds. I will talk to the Doc about whether amounts are right, if I can change to different med, or some other alternative can be done. It is so bad that when I drive I feel like I am going to fall asleep driving. Reading I can no longer do because it makes me even more drowsy than I already am. I have so many books waiting for me to read! This also effects my sleeping. I haven't been able to get to sleep due to my not being able to get comfortable (like sitting or laying down). I wasn't taking both pills (one in morning one during day/night)but I am now taking one of the pills in the evening and this has helped.

My favorite Aunt, Midge, died this past week. I am sad but at the same time I know that she has not been the same since her husband Dale died. Plus lots of drama with her son which probably didn't help her. My Dad and Lilly are coming back today from the funeral on Thursday. I feel like a heel for my Dad not telling when/where the funeral would be so I could send flowers. I am hoping he got something and I can help contribute to that.

I have again started my search for a transfer to a different grade level/school. This year my school is displacing 6 teachers. I am not one of them but due to so many leaving due to student amounts being so low I may not stay in 3rd grade nor will I be able to go to 2nd grade. Soooo, that leaves me with trying to control where I will be going by getting a transfer.

My goals as usual have been thrown out the window. I only exercise about 2 times a week if that. I did however meet my goal for steps with my pedometer and I am getting a $40 gift certificate to Borders! YAHOOOO!!! I am on level 2 and that will get me $50 when I complete it (level 1 was $25 but I had some left over).

I have saved a little bit in my savings which is good. I got a little bit of money for taxes which will go toward a new washer and dryer that I have need for awhile. I don't like going to my Dad's house to wash my clothes every weekend. It is time consuming and I just feel bad about mooching off of him.

I will continue to work on saving money and working out more. I will start a new class for healthy eating. More later on this!

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