Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Back to School!

I start this week by meeting with my team and going over things for the new year. We had a great salad lunch and everyone brought something. YUUUUMMMM! Of course with all the good cooks on my team is was great.

So far I have arranged all the tables, and pretty much organized my files and papers that I didn't get to at the end of the year. I am quite proud of myself.

My new goals for this year are to be more organized (grade papers quicker, have a caldendar and WRITE in it) and to be more positive with the parents and students. I am going to try and speak in person to every parent once a month for a progress report. I think I can handle this. It is going to be hard tho because I HATE talking on the phone. Before I usually just communicated by email or notes in agenda. I want to make it more personal so hope this works.

My new kit is out and I am working on another one called I Love Rock and Roll. It is inspired by the Beatles and 70's retro. My girl scout kit will be posted at SBB tonight or tomorrow and I will be taking it off my website at the end of August.

Talk to ya later~

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