Friday, June 10, 2005

It Works!

I am so excited that I have started this! I had trouble at first with posting the picture but Ashley Wren helped me by pointing me to photobucket. I still need someone to help me figure out how to use Hello! tho. If you can help me please email me!

I have been so busy working on my new kit and doing my cirlce journal. I have been staying up til about 1 am to work and will have to stop this before I have to return to school in August. Yep, I am a teacher! I teach third grade in Texas land of the TAKS TEST! Dum Da Dum Dumm, DUMM! (evil music LOL)

When school starts most of my blog will probably focus on school since it basically consumes my life. For any of you who teach you totally understand. Although it has gotten so much better since I passed the 5 year mark

See Ya!

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